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IPL 2018: Player Retention Policy, Salary Cap and Auction Reserve Price

After the IPL Governing Council meeting which held in Delhi have come to a conclusion on the player retention policy, salary cap and auction reserve price for the 2018 IPL. According to the Council decision for next three years, all IPL franchises can secure up to five cricketers from their previous year’s squads. The council also revised higher salary purse for upcoming three years, Rs 80 Cr to Rs 85 crore between 2018-2020 seasons. For players, they determine minimum auction reserve price of the season.

IPL 2018 CUP

Player Retention Policy

According to the policy, IPL franchises have two options to retain five players - either retain 3 players with two Right to Match (RTM) or retain 2 players with three Right to Match. If a franchise has no retention before player auction then franchises can have up to 3 RTM.
Following things to keep in mind before retaining players
-Maximum number of 3 Capped Indian players.
-Maximum number of 2 Overseas players.
-Maximum number of 2 Uncapped Indian players.

The Council said,"The players pool available for CSK and RR for retention/RTM will be the players' who played for them respectively in IPL 2015 and who were part of RPS and GL squads in IPL 2017".

Retention Price
*If a franchise retains 3 players pre-auction, it will cost for Player-1: Rs 15 Cr, Player-2: Rs 11 Cr and Player-3: Rs 7 Cr.
*If a franchise retains 2 players, it will cost for Player-1: Rs 12.5 Cr and Player-2: Rs 8.5 Cr.
*If they want to retain just the 1 player, then they'll have to pay Rs 12.5 Cr from their pre-auction purse.
*For uncapped players' retention, the franchises will pay Rs 3 Cr per player from their pre-auction purse.

Salary Cap

The revised salary cap for 2018 to 2020 seasons are;
2018 – INR 80 Crore
2019 – INR 82 Crore
2020 – INR 85 Crore
The teams will have to spend at least 75 percent of the salary cap for each season.

Auction Reserve Price

As per new revised minimum auction price for Uncapped players, it will be 20 lakh, 30 lakh, and 40 lakh which was previously 10 lakh, 20 lakh, and 30 lakh respectively.
For Capped players, it will be50 lakh, 75 lakh, 1 cr, 1.5 cr, and 2 cr.

Along with these rules every team allowed to have a maximum squad of 25 and a minimum of 18 players including 8 overseas players.

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